Layer visible on noir

I am doing my first big print on my new phenom noir. There are some layers visible, is this as it’s supposed to be? I thought the noir would print better than this.
I use the default settings as described in the setup guide and on siraya website for the siraya fast.

Thanks a lot.

Adjust the model printing angle or add anti-aliasing function in the print settings, which can reduce the print layer pattern

thank you very much, what kind of anti aliasing settings do you recommend?

It needs to be judged according to the model. It has three options of 2 times, 4 times, and 8 times. The larger the multiple, the larger the amount of data generated and the better the anti-aliasing effect.

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See if this helps

looks like suction is causing little shifts

In I am using anti aliasing now on 8. And I filled the whole plate to reduce suction. The layer shifting is somehow gone, but the whole print has a new issue now:

There seems to be a z axis wobbling and it gets worse with the height.
Do you have any suggestions?

  • 22 degrees Celsius constantly
  • all screws tightened on z axis
  • no ups
  • Siraya Fast Grey

When printing, make sure that the rotating screws of the resin tank and the platform are tightened, and the FEP film cannot be too loose. Also adjust the model printing angle. Helps reduce aliasing.

The fep is really tight and all screws too. I double check this before each print.
To me the pattern looks regularly and it gets worse the higher the Print gets.

I sanded the surface to make the pattern more visible.

From the side you can see that the shifting/wobbling pattern is moving in two directions.

Adjust the printing angle of the model, or add support for printing

Thank you.
This one is with supports. There is also this regular pattern (pink lines)

Hello Peopoly,
please help!

I did a lot of things to try to minimize this pattern. But it is on every print I do. (It’s my 5th print now with these pattern and lines)

  • There are no other electrical devices in the room.
  • there are a lot of supports on the piece with the fingers.
  • The temperature is constantly (22 degrees celsius)
  • I secured every bolt and screw. (i looked several times)
  • The printer stands in a solid rack.
  • No ups.
  • plugged directly into the wall outlet
  • I leveled several times.
  • And I printed with angles and directly in the plate.

But still there are these patterns all over my print!
Could you please take a look and help! I am getting frustrated…


I just noticed that my display was moving. The masking tape was more stretching than before because of the heat I guess. I am doing a new print right now.

Sorry to hear your question

  1. Check the graphic structure of the model and adjust the printing angle of the model.
  2. Change other models to print and check if there are the same printing stripes.
  3. If the temperature is too low before printing, the resin can be preheated before use. No heater heating (reduces printing streaks caused)
    If the above printing detection still occurs, it may be caused by the Z-axis screw, and the screw needs to be replaced.

Thank you so much.
I printed 4 different model. They all had the same printing stripes. I printed in different angles, but still the stripes start at about 10 cm height and get worse to the top.
I am not using any heater and I tried a lot of different things.
On Facebook somebody mentioned, that the motor screws could be loose?
How could I replace the z axis screw?

Now make sure that the screws of the Z axis are tightened. If the above checks still fail to solve the problem, the screw rod needs to be replaced. Judging from the pictures you recently shared on the forum, the screw should be no problem.

Thank you very much.
I checked all screws mentioned. They were all tightened. My new print still looks like this:

Is there anything else I could do?
I am really frustrated to see other people having such beautiful prints and no matter what I do everything looks like this :frowning:
I used a dial gauge to measure the z axis screw, but I dont know if I did it right.