Layer Lines Phenom Noir

In the past I had good success with my Noir. In the last few months I’ve been experiencing what I can only describe as layer shifts/ layer lines. The lines seem to get worse the further up the model you go, but there are even lines on heavy support material a mere mom’s from the printed bed. Any tips?

-Ambient temp: Temp Controlled 32C
-Exposure time: (all)(1.5-3.5 sec)
-Vent holes: Yes
-Resin: Sirayatech Fast
-Light off delay: 3 seconds longer than z axis movement
-Lift speed: 29 mm/min

I think the classic answers to regular layer lines like this have been:
A) heater getting hot, cooling off, getting hot again
B) slicing error

I’d check your file in a sliced file viewer to see if there is any indication of weird lines, else might be your heater if it’s particularly cold where the printer is right now.

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hi, please follow the steps to check

  1. Check whether there is interference from external electrical appliances,
  2. Cancel the heater and check if the problem is caused by the heater heating
  3. Check whether the elasticity of the FEP film is normal. And make sure that the locking screw of the resin tank is tightened, check the Z axis
  4. Check the output document for errors.
    If the above check still does not solve the problem, please contact us by email