Layer Inconsistencies on phenom prime

I’m experiencing some inconsistent layers on my phenom prime, i’m using siraya tech blu with default settings. any help is appreciated. I’ve checked that the bed is secure, i’ve checked the z axis for flaws, i’ve cranked the heat up in the printing area, i’ve tried different print settings. nothing seems to work so far. i’ve printed the model a few times and the error happens around the height. i’m currently printing the same model in a different resin (siraya tech fast smokey grey) to see if the resin is the issue. any ideas? thoughts on what to troubleshoot.
i’m using chitubox pro to slice. using the default settings for my printer and the resin.

Is is a physical defect or an optical?

In you middle picture the two profound lines to me looks like the machine was paused and resin added in. Remember when pausing or pausing and adding resin. Give the resin about a minute to settle before resuming. I have discovered that on this machine I set my antialiasing to 2 grey to 3 and blur to 4 also on my machine Phenom L my angle is 22.6 not 45. I don’t get any layer lines. In fact it is rare I do sanding at all. Give this a try and let me know the results

i’m not entirely sure. it almost looks like the build plate is shifting causing the lines and the blurring.

I am aware of the pausing/adding resin issue, this is not that. this print was not paused a single time. I reprinted the part in Fast (smokey grey) and the issue is even worse. thanks for the suggestions, i’ll give them a try on my next print.

If the print is always having problems in the same position, maybe there is something wrong with the Z axis. Check the Z axis