Latest Settings, Profiles and Documents


We have some update to the settings today and want to make sure everyone is on the same page. This post will be pinned and updated as we go forward. We will close discussion on this thread so it doesn’t get overwhelmed with messages.

Lastest Firmware version: 1.16

If your firmware is 1.15 or older, please update to 1.16 or newer immediately before apply the new settings. Leveling is also changed since 1.14, please revisit Leveling

Latest Default Setting:


If you had custom X/Y Size from 1.14, please multiple it by 2.5 to convert to 1.16 value. Each unit now represent 0.02mm in size change.

Advanced Setting:


Latest Cura Profile:

Resin Settings

Latest Cura:
please see support section of Peopoly

test ring

Moai printables add-on