Latest Prints from Prime

If you turn antialiasing on in Chitubox, the prints are stunning. Although I notice with all my prints with the Deft resin, it takes about a week for the print to cure - and not be a bit tacky (yes, this is after washing in IPA 90% and then in water and leaving it in cure station for 30 seconds).

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Here are some of the latest prints from my Prime - all original designs. It should be noted that all theses were printed flat on the build plate. The head is hollow (needs drain holes in the back):


These look amazing, what settings are you using for your anti-aliasing, grey blur, and are you using image blur?

I use anti-aliasing level 4 - nor blur.
If there is a print that has smooth curves with not much detail that would benefit from an extra smooth finish, I will also let the print drain in the printer for a couple of hours. Then as carefully as I can, take it out without touching it and stick it in the curing chamber and cure it for 2 minutes. Then clean it. If you don’t let it drain long enough you will get drips curing. Examples of this procedure are image 9774 and 9768.

Makes sense, appreciate it.