Laser Stopped after a year?


I bought Moai from Matterhackers about a year ago I use it a couple of time a month and today the laser
stopped working I tried adjusting the power and replugging in the connectors but nothing.
It works otherwise I can see the mirrors moving and it goes along tilting and everything just no laser.
How long should the laser last for $200 I would hope to get more than a year out of it.

Moai says "printing first layer" but isn't doing anything!

Try the laser/galvos test files, if you can film it that would be great


I took a video of it running the center test but it won’t let me upload it I don’t know how.
But the machine starts up normal homes out I select the file it moves down the bed tilts and the laser never come on I can see the galvo mirrors moving but no laser.
I have firmware 1.8 all the latest setting i have printed numerous thing since I got it in November of 2017
And have never had a problem with it I can’t even remimber the last failure I had on it.
I looked at my empty resin bottles and I use like 10 liters.
So it has to be a bad laser or the little board that powers it but the galvos are moving and they plug into the same board.


I don’t know if it means anything but the laser on mine is brass on the outside and the one on your web site is chrome.


can you email support? it could be the laser or the power board.


You can check laser this way. use a 5V battery

Carefully remove the black/red cable using a pin. place red at the back of the battery and black on the top


the laser would fire at very low amount if connect correctly

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