Laser spot too large

I am unable to get any prints off my Moai 130. I have used it successfully for many prints until this problem came up. I changed out with a new laser, and the same problem came up. So I have two lasers now that have had this issue. And I am fairly certain that it has happened to both lasers due to the heater atomizing resin and obscuring the laser spot. I think this because the heater was probably up too high temperature wise. Has anyone experienced this or know a way to correct? I purchased some diodes and might attempt to fit it into one of the cases. I also have a Formlabs 1+ laser that I am considering wiring into the Moai. I have since replaced using the Moai, but was always happy with it and would like to get it back in order. I have tried to clean the laser with a tip and got some improvement but still the point is not sharp enough to give me good prints. Any help or feedback is appreciated.
Thank you

please reach us through email about this
some times it would be quite unfortunate that users got double faulty parts

Have you checked the Perspex plate above the laser scanners?
Could be dirty or scratched.

Yes I did Peopoly was nice enough to replace the laser