Laser not on for sliced file

I have used Cura (both 4.5 and 4.41) and Asura on 2 computers, but non of them works. As it prints, there is no laser on but the P-yuan file preinstalled prints well. Can someone help with this bug? Below is part of the generated g-code. Thanks!

;Filament used: 0.518937m
;Layer height: 0.1
;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.5.0
M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
G28 ;Home
G92 E0
G0 F6000 X27.934 Y52.934 Z0.1
G1 F300 X52.066 Y52.934 E0.06722
G1 X52.066 Y102.066 E0.20408
G1 X27.934 Y102.066 E0.2713
G1 X27.934 Y52.934 E0.40816
G0 F6000 X27.867 Y52.867
G1 F300 X52.133 Y52.867 E0.47575
G1 X52.133 Y102.133 E0.61299
G1 X27.867 Y102.133 E0.68058
G1 X27.867 Y52.867 E0.81781
G0 F6000 X27.8 Y52.8
G1 F300 X52.2 Y52.8 E0.88578
G1 X52.2 Y102.2 E1.02338
G1 X27.8 Y102.2 E1.09135
G1 X27.8 Y52.8 E1.22896
G0 F6000 X27.733 Y52.733
G1 F300 X52.267 Y52.733 E1.2973
G1 X52.267 Y102.267 E1.43528
G1 X27.733 Y102.267 E1.50362
G1 X27.733 Y52.733 E1.64159
G0 F6000 X27.666 Y52.666
G1 F300 X52.334 Y52.666 E1.71031
G1 X52.334 Y102.334 E1.84866
G1 X27.666 Y102.334 E1.91737
G1 X27.666 Y52.666 E2.05573
G0 F6000 X27.599 Y52.599
G1 F300 X52.401 Y52.599 E2.12481
G1 X52.401 Y102.401 E2.26354
G1 X27.599 Y102.401 E2.33262
G1 X27.599 Y52.599 E2.47135
G0 F6000 X27.533 Y52.533
G1 F300 X52.467 Y52.533 E2.5408
G1 X52.467 Y102.467 E2.6799
G1 X27.533 Y102.467 E2.74935
G1 X27.533 Y52.533 E2.88845
G0 F6000 X27.555 Y52.533
G0 X52.035 Y52.983

Hello Yifan,
the beginning of the gcode looks normal.

Where does the Moai get stuck?
Does the building plate go down and does the VAT tilt after the start?
Are the galvos moving and only the laser is not on?

I noticed that very short gcode is not processed by the Moai. How big is your file? If you like, upload the zip file and we can test it.

Background (Moai 200): In principle, every line that does not start with G0 or G1 can be deleted. The E parameter switches the laser on if it is not zero (everywhere E1 is sufficient)

Hello Bernhard

It did not stuck, the build plate went down, the VAT tilt and I can hear the glavo rotates just like the other files those work. Only the laser was not working. Sometimes, the laser give a shine as the edge of the vat. The file is 356kb but my larger file did not work either.

The g-code is below

Thanks for helping!

Was there any hardened resin anywhere on the building plate or in the VAT?

I was running dry to make a curing curve so no.

Hello Yifan,

the gcode runs normally on my Moai 200.
The laser times were approximately:
1st layer = 7 min
2nd layer = 2 min
3rd layer = 3 min
4th layer = 1 min

I tested this by putting a white sheet of paper in the VAT and recording the laser course via webcam (without building plate).

Sorry to hear your issue, here is a survey we use to help us get as much info as we can from user so that we could provide best solution. Even if you might have provide some info already, please answer the question for the completeness.
Support Survey:

Room temperature (it is best that resin temperature is above 25C):
Build plate type: (Standard 1-piece / easy to level)
Vat: (Silicon vat / FEP vat)
The source of FEP film
Are you using default firmware setting? If no, answer next four question
Are you using a heater?
What type of resin:
What type Vat: (Peopoly Original vat, Recoated Peopoly vat, custom vat made by user)

software used to generate support:
software used to export gcode
If using Asura, what is the version and profiles used:
Are you using default Asura support setting?
Support tip diameter size?

Asura Genral issues

  1. what version
  2. what OS
  3. Would you be able to provide us with an error log
  4. if you can opengl driver version

Moai Settings:
Firmware version:
System Setting is default per Peopoly recommendation? (Yes/No)
Z Motor Speed
PM Motor Speed
Laser Power
Z Reset Position
PM Reset Position
Z Follows
Z Initial Speed
PM Initial Speed
Leveling measurement:
A, B, C, D (example 10.9mm)

Any user customization?

Please help share followng pictures as they can provide very good info on finding solutions to your issues
System setting on Moai
Support settings in the software you use
Support arrangement in the software you use. (How support connectts to the object)

Problem solved. We changed a SD card and now it is working. The SD card with trouble did not show any hint so we did not think about this before. Thank you all for helping!