Laser not focused

I know that laser are by definition focused but mine on a 130 seems out of focus. Everything has worked great for the last year plus then prints were coming out with a rougher finish then not getting anything to print but a blob. I have releveled a number of times. Here is a picture of laser the is about five inches away and a print of the ring test print. Had to increase laser to 70 to get much of anything.

Hi @dougboone please email with the video of the circle test when the laser is at 50
attach all as much pictures as you need

I have attempted to get help from support but have not have any response since 10-2-2019.

could you please let me know the email address you used to send the email so I can search for it please. Thanks for your help.

Have you checked the focusing lens? Trying dust removal/cleaning? If the lens get any scratches, then you can only replace it to keep beam focused and stable.

I have inspected the laser for any obstructions and found none. I am not sure how to adjust focus on the laser as there are not any moving parts. It seemed to be working great and then everything went bad. I looked at a number of items before I finally tested the laser.


The laser should be focused by default, and your’s have been because you got succesfull prints in the beginning. The laser spot is checked by placing a piece of paper up against the bottom of a clean vat and then you print the circle test print. Take pictures of the laser spot on the paper to see if it is focused or not.

Here is a picture of test of laser

The laser spot should have a diameter of <1mm by eye. Your laser is too big! This laser flat explains the ring-mud.

If the galvo mirror and the laser lens are clean, a possible protective plate is absolutely clear (better remove) and the VAT disc is transparent, then the laser will probably have a defect. There probably only helps a replacement of the laser.

have you receive any response email from

No - not yet
Doug Boone
(303) 885-2177

Still waiting for a response. Is it a possible that I could just replace the laser to test? This has been going on for a number of months.

Can you please help me. I have been trying to resolve a laser problem with the Peopoly support for six months. I think we have finally got to the point where I need to get a new laser but I have not received any response since 12-14-19. Is there anyone who can help me??!!

your email since your last DM wasn’t getting any response?

I have not heard anything. Thanks for your response.