Laser is curing too much resin

Hey all and @peopoly

reaching out to the community because I’m a little short on time right now to troubleshoot.

My Moai is over curing the resin. Causing the supports to become fused together instead of being separate. Also, the over curing is causing supports and excess resin to fuse to my prints.

Quick info about my settings. I have been using these settings for months now with no issue. However, it has become hotter in my house where the printer is so I am hypothesizing that the increased heat has caused the resin to become a lot more fluid.

FEP VAT (new Film and is perfectly transparent)
Print temp 33ºc
Easy to level build plate
Regular Grey Peopoly resin
Laser power 52
Asura 2.22
All other settings are standard

Let me know. I can supply pictures soon to better illustrate the issue.


for regular resin it’s printed at 58, can you print the ring test and post the results?

@peopoly I was incorrect with the laser power it was 58. My apologies. I just posted in this other thread