Laser fail but machine still run?

My first 3 prints were successful in that they printed from the gcode. While they were printing I would observe the flashes of laser light through the panels. My fourth print is showing the layer progress (113 of 692) and the time (47) it’s been printing. But I can not see any flashes from the laser like I seen on the first 3.

Is it possible for the machine to run as if printing but the laser not work? I was under the impression that if the laser didn’t work the print would fail and the machine would stop.

If the laser suddenly stop during your print, the print will continues but the model will not form
Is the print finish?

Yes the print did finish and the model came out fine. With all the problems I had in the beginning I keep checking on the progress of prints to see if everything is working properly. With the first 3 prints the flashing light of the laser let me know that at least the laser was working. Not sure why I was unable to see anything but now I know the print will continue to run even if the laser fails.

Could you please try the following…

Copy all the files on the SD card over to your pc somewhere… Reformat the SD card and create a directory called GCODE on that SD card, then either reslice a model or copy over one of the files you coppied over onto your desktop and give it another try and update us pleas.e

If the model came out fine then the laser must have been working, can you show us the model?

Yeah that’s what I’ve learned. I was concerned when I didn’t see flashes. Here’s a pic of the model when it finished.

From the picture, the laser must have been working fine
You may have missed the action, that’s all
On the initial layers, the laser goes slowly so it should be easy to see ( for better adhesion). But from about layer 30 it goes to max speed ( about 300mm/s) so it would be just less than a second for a model that small

The last print I did there were some flashing. So I’m assuming it has to do with the model. The larger the foot print or size the more likely I see that. Now I know what to expect once it starts. Thanks for the feedback.