Laser destroyed the silicone pad in the vat

After printing. I found out there is a hole in the Moai SLA resin vat. The silicone was destroyed. How did that happened? Resin is Deft Resin by Peopoly - Grey
Being printing using the standard settings, and was working for bunch of the projects before until this time.

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Are you sure it was deft resin? That’s designed for LCD printers like the phenom, which would likely give it some over curing issues with the moai at normal SLA resin settings.

My first guess would be that if it was the deft, the over curing caused the resin to stick too much to the pdms, though it’s just as likely to be something else.

  1. using LCD resin on the PDMS vat is bad, since most LCD resin will generate heat when being exposed to UV, this will ruin your PDMS
  2. the PDMS vat have a short life-span, if you are using it for a while, it will just not be printable

OK. So which resin should I use? This one?

Or This one?

I believe both are designed for SLA, I’ve certainly used both. Model resin is less of a pain.

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Thanks. Really helps me a lot. Appreciate.