Laser cut vat case


I designed a case for the MOAI vat.

This is a handy option to store the vat outside the MOAI, and to remove the last bits of resin that are still inside even after pouring out the majority.

This is made from 3mm MDF, but could also be made from black opaque 3mm acrylic.

Its laser cut, and has an inner gasket so the bottom of the vat doesn’t touch the bottom of the case, and an outer gasket so that the lid seals fairly well, ensuring that light and air can’t really get inside. Gaskets are 2mm EVA foam.

Also, it has a removable corner raiser, so that the vat is slightly tilted when this is inserted, letting the last bit of resin flow into the lower left hand corner (takes a while), and then can be poured out more easily.

The lower frame around the vat is fairly low, so it’s easy to insert / remove the vat once the lid is removed.

Additionally, the top can also be put over the vat inside the MOAI, e.g. if you want to leave the vat in over night.

If someone with access to a laser cutter wants the cut file, just let me know.

Or, if you like this and want to have me make you one (as a self assembly kit), let me know and I can make it for you. Cost: € 14 + shipping for MDF version, € 31 + shipping for black acrylic version (sorry, acrylic is really expensive. You could also spray paint the MDF version)



lovely design, Nil. Do you want to post on Thingiverse and join the Moai user group there?

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Thanks to Nils, I made 2 beautyfull cases for my vats



I have a laser and will soon be a Moai owner, would you mind sharing the dxf files?

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Send me a message with your email please and I will send you the AI file.

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would love 2 aswell @nils whats your email that i can reach you at?



@DutchProps : I am currently on vacation until September 10, and can do them for you afterwards.



Whoops…way late reply on my part. Sending you a pm now.



We uploaded the cut file to Thingiverse also:

Enjoy :slight_smile:




Are you still willing to make these? If so, I’d like to have two of the acrylic boxes made.



Hi, yes, I could still make these for you. But the cut files are also on Thingiverse (see post above with the link), so this may be easier / cheaper for you.



Unfortunately, I don’t have my own laser cutter. There is one at my local hackerspace but the laser recently gave up the ghost and they’re saying it will take 2 months to get it replaced! Seems excessive but it is an all volunteer operation…