Large thin layer forming

I have had two problems, first is that some prints fall off the build plate. Those that stick have a tendency to make this oversized layer that pulls the rest of the prints off the build plate. Any ideas?

I am using MH pro series resin (I have ordered Deft, missed the DD about resins) with a variety of settings ranging from:
10-35mm lift speed
10-15mm lift dist
2-35s exposure
35-80s bottom exposure
and lastly, A variety of hollow, large, and small surface areas.
The room is between 70-77F. Thanks in advance!

If the adhesion between the model and the platform is not enough, the exposure time should be increased, or the platform should be moved down by 0.3mm during leveling to increase the adhesion between the platform and the model.

It is recommended to use the resin recommended by peopoly for printing, and the recommended support parameters. This will make printing a lot easier, and there are built-in resin printing parameters in the chitubox software.
Regarding the use of third-party resins, you need to print and test yourself.