Large Prints Fail - Moai 130

I’m sure there are similar threads out there, but I didn’t find one with my exact issue.

I’m very consistently getting small to medium-sized prints to work, and they look spectacular. So, at least most of the setpoints are correct. Unfortunately, when I try to print something that uses up most of the print bed, it consistently fails. The bottom raft is printed in place, remains stuck to the bed, but it fails with little to no of the support forming. The outline of the structure is stuck to the film. Example failure below.

I’m using the FEP vat, and settings are below with the updated firmware. Further, I’m using the grey Peopoly resin with the recommended settings specific to it. I have the space heater inside the printer, so the temp should be appropriate. Slicing with Asura3D at 100um.

What would be the right area to troubleshoot? Switch the raft structure to the smaller surface area version that conforms closer to the supports themselves?

I’m surprised a raft that big will even peel up.
I’ve had very good luck with the basic gray resin doing large prints using just supports.
I do 2.5mm base 1mm thick, 1.5mm dis supports with .75mm contact area.
These pull off pretty clean Bluetooth the small contact area.
I use quite a lot of them because of the small contact area so all the bases and up looking like a raft but only where needed.
Given that you say the raft sticks to the build plate I don’t know what would cause everything else to fail.

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the my support settings I posted previously for large and mid prints,. raft is not recommended,

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other than making raft to circle base, reduce your PM motor speed to 12
your PM reset is really high, did you get that result with ez-plate or standard?
how is your leveling?

I did try a print with no raft. The supports all printed but it failed part way through. What did work looks promising. I think this was a solid improvement.

I will try the PM speed reduction. It is an ez-plate, and the leveling has been pretty good.

model hollow with vent on the bottom? can you show us picture of the model with your supports?

It was hollow and hand vent holes in the bottom.

the bottom of the supports should be inverted cone shape, doesnt look like there is any bottom supports.

To rule out a few things, can you do a test print of the Mark Moai head I posted, no need for supports, just print flat onto the plate.

try these support settings
you may need to cycle the bottom support toggle, sometimes it gets stuck and gives nothing.

the base should look like the picture here. inverted cone