Large galvo size error

I have tried the advance Moai calibration for my Moai 130 but the printed P-yuan size size is still way larger than it should be after I turned the screw to its limit. As you can see in the picture, the Y-axis is still way off after I set the X size and Y size into 300.

Could you help me locate the problem and fix it?

Also, the cross looks wired

The cross is actually not centered, the galvo is off mark so part of the cross is dragged. That’s is not a complete cross.
do you notice after turning the potential meter, is the circle larger or smaller? or no changes
make sure you set your parameters to default before making the test :[]=settings

After turning the potential meter, the circle size change but even at the smallest (after which it does not change), it is still way bigger than it is supposed to be. That is the reason I changed the settings. Is there any procedure that I can do now?


please attach the video of the “smallest” circle that you managed to make
it would provide a lot of information than words
Unless you are familiar with SLA printers in general, i suggest not to make changes to those settings
Please see attached video

How long since you buy the Moai?
does this only happens with the Y driver? does the X driver’s potential-meter make those grinding sound?

It is Order #101-0000092-9357006 bought from MatterHackers on February 2020. The X driver’s potential-meter also make those sounds after tuning into its limits.

Have you had any success prints before?
does this happens suddenly?
You can try contacting matterhackers to get a Y driver replacement

Yes, it seems like happened gradually as the galvo need to be tuned more frequently. Thanks