Large builds with castable Resin

Hi There,
New to the forum. I am waiting for my Noir to arrive, LCD screen shortages apparently only been waiting about 6 weeks.

I have a 3D printer and wanted to be able to print much larger items hence ordering the Noir. I wanted to ask if anyone has attempted large prints with castable resin ( blue cast seems the preferred option). The only reviews seem to be of small jewellery items.

I am a Manufacting silversmith with a casting set up and do everything in house.
With large pieces my go to is is to get a bureau to print in sla, I then make a silicon mould and inject the wax before investing and casting. One day I would like to cut out the mould and just print and cast. I mainly do one off commissions and have boxes of silicon mould that are used once and never again, such a waste ! I do print smaller pieces in house, I personally find with castable resin that the main issue is not ash deposits anymore its thermal expansion which causes the investment to fail, but that may be due to the kind of things I print and cast.

That’ll be a no then