Kondor - Open source firmware for LCD printer project


I imagine some of you might say, “Why is this laser SLA team messing with LCD printer firmware” Long story short, a new member joined our team this year, and he started playing around with LCD printers to learn about resin 3D printing.” He got pretty far, and we thought this would be a fun project to open source.

To develop an open source firmware for LCD 3D Printer that runs on widely available low-cost parts and highly customizable.

Key points:

  • Easy to get and low-cost BOM.
  • Current test version Runs on PI3
  • Able to do 4K
  • The core of the code base is C++
  • Plan to add the ability to drive DLP light engine in the future.

We have a pre-alpha firmware (IMG) for Pi 3B that can drive Touch LCD on SPI and 2K Screens on HDMI. A Marlin firmware for step motor control is in work. Once we have a complete and stable electronic firmware that can be used in a printer, we will open source on Github and detail how software can interact with the firmware.

The irony of a laser SLA team making an open source project for LCD resin printer is not lost on us. Even though Moai project is not based on any open source project, we have learned and benefited from open source projects like Marlin, Cura, Octoprint, and others. There are also very few open source projects coming out of Asia. We want to do our part and give back the greater 3D printing community that made Peopoly possible.

You can learn more and help with testing the firmware here

Pi 3B owners are needed to test the firmware. Please use this thread as the centralized location for discussion for now.

And for Moai owners, yes we are continuing developments for Moai and Asura.



congrats on the kondor3d. looking forward to testing it out!