Just a bunch of questions, before I get my Moai 200

So I just ordered the Moai 200… and am quite excited to be joining the world of SLA printing. I have a few questions though.


  • Is Cura 3.6 Ok?
  • What profile should I use?
  • I updated the bed size in cura but the build plate image didnt adjust to fit, how do I do this?


  • What equipment do you recommend for post-processing? Amazon Links would be appreciated!
  • How large of an area do I need for the printer and post-processing?
  • How bad is the smell?
  • Is it too cold to use in a basement, is the heater strong enough?
  • Any software recommendations for adding supports and hollowing out models?

Thanks for answering my bulleted questions!

recommend 3.5, we didn’t have 3.6 version for Moai yet

the profiles and the instructions for Cura here:https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura&s[]=cura

the equipments will come with the Moai, only need an extra brush to wash the print with IPA or ethanol

it’s not good if you leave it in closed-door area

the heater can reach 35C, it shouldn’t be a problem

Asura3D work best, but you can try B9 or Meshmixer

So what exactly comes with the Moai 200 I am having trouble finding this information.

Also any ideas on how to get the bed image to scale with the increased bed size?

you can see them at the accessories box menu:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B0uXz7hV-ck8P0Gu3KoERtkeMGY4Axt0wk5epfuWcyI/edit#gid=0

Hi how did you make out with your moai 200? i am trying to order one now. can you please recommend any spare parts/accessories i should order in the same shipment. thanks

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