Jamghe resin parameter for Phenom Noir?

Hi everyone, I bought Jamghe Low odor resin for my Phenom noir, because there is not stock of Siracha or Peopoly resin In Spain or Europe in general.
I put this parameters in Chitubox configuration

The print was a mess!.I did that prient before with the Peopoly deft resin and was ok.
Should I leave the same paramters that peopoly resin? or what?
can anyone help me, please?

It is best to provide resin printing parameters by the resin seller. Otherwise, printing and testing resin parameters by yourself will not only waste resin and time, but also cause great damage to the screen. It is recommended to use the resin recommended by peopoly for printing, which has a higher success rate.


although i do not have a Phenom Noir, but an Phenom L, I am currently also experimenting with other resins.

I’m testing out the JamgHe resins too. So far with no luck. Everything sticks to the FEP and was even hard to remove (soaked in alcohol for few hours to get it from the FEP)

It turns out to be very difficult to get anything stick to the build plate.

So the warnings from Peopoly support ppl, not to use other resins, are not just a marketing strategies to sell their own brand. It really is HARD to get anything working except the recommended resins.

As for the JAMGHE resin, no success so far, but I’m not done with the testing and not yet prepared to give up on finding ways to make it work.
But it is certainly not the plug& play you get from Deft or Siraya resins. Those resins really work right from the start, on condition you respect the advised temperatures!

One thing to be careful about when experimenting is not to exceed the max. illumination values of the resins we know that work on the Phenom series. Do not increase you curing times to insane values. You’ll burn your screen !

I believe the siraya blu settings has one of the highest uv exposure setting (80s). I dont think it is a good idea to get any higher then that. UV tends to damage colorLCD’s alot easier then monoscreens.

Assuming you did the obvious bed leveling, some suggestions i can make :
-lower the layerheight bit for bit and pray it sticks at certain point
-get a specialist buildplate glue
-roam the internet for additional tips and tricks that might help

I’ll make a post as soon I found a resin that actually works reasonably well…but empty handed atm…

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HI GeertVDP ! thanks a lot for your answer.

I ´ve bought the Jamghe because there was no stock of Peopoly and Siracha in Europe´s suppliers during February.
I´m not a very technical person and with the Peopoly resin i had always good results. Now the supplieres received it and I ordered some litres and I will wait to print until I receive them.

I contacted Jamghe, and they say that the parameters I used were ok, but maybe the printer need a calibration. yes…maybe. But the piece I printed before I used the jamghe 2 times, was ok, any problem.
As you said, it does not attach to the building plate and the cured resin get completly stuck to the FEP.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations !