Issues with leveling

I just got my Maoi printer and I’m having issues leveling it and was hoping someone could help :frowning:

These were my various attempts at leveling. Everything was going fine and then all of the sudden my A peg stops printing and then when I adjusted the c peg and the a peg they both disappeared.

I also noticed in the leveling test right before the A peg stopped showing up, the C peg was cut slightly and getting squished. I’m not sure where to go from here. Please help

It’s normal that you would go through this
what is your build plate type? vat type?

can you explain further?

Please make sure that the vat is free of debris before staring a new print. The pegs may not print out but there will be a circle of cured resin under the vat


This is what my c peg was looking like

Ok I’ll clean all the little circles out

I also have a standard build plate that comes in the kit and PDMS resin vat

So I cleaned the little circles out of the vat and now I’ve got leaning pegs

Ok so the leaning was my mistake . I didn’t tighten the build plate when I reinstalled it. Now I’m just having issue with getting all 4 pegs to print.

with FEP vat you would need to adjust the z reset position as well
if you keep having 1-2 pegs not printed on the green zone, you can increase the z reset, usually it would be around 1816-1820 depending on your leveing

So all four pegs print now but my A peg has a slight lean and it doesn’t print completely together. When I first see it on the build plate it looks good but then when I go to remove it, it’s barley attached to the plate and comes off in two pieces ( see photo)

you are getting a slight layer separation, you can increase the z reset 1-2 more value. This is usually due to the layer separation is not fully peeled


I’m super frustrated. I’ll send photos of my settings

I changed the z reset and that worked for a bit but then pegs started disappearing one by one after I almost had all the pegs level ( peg D and B were about 10.7 and C was 10.4 and A was 10.4 )

it’s my fault that i shouldn’t ask you earlier, your settings is currently off mark
change the following and re-do the leveling
laser power (60 is too high, it will overcure the resin and stop it from forming), follow the laser guide here :
z reset position 1816
PM reset position 40
Z follow 2

you almost nailed last time with the wrong parameters so this time things should go well, good luck with your leveing

So I changed it to the settings you recommend and I got no pegs I’ve tried adjusting the screws underneath and still nothing …

it’s been a while since you last comment, i suggest you go through the Moai check up guide:

you can try to level the vat to the Moai frame in order to reset everything, this can be done with a leveling ruler. After go with the leveing guide to level the vat to the build plate

I haven’t got back in a while because I’ve been looking around on other forums and testing different theories out. I also work so I can’t do this everyday.

I’ve still got a leaning problem. Peg c and a lean to the left . A has a stronger lean

OK so I think the leaning problem is gone. all my pegs are the right size now the only problem I have now is that my A peg Is falling off half way through, from it not sticking well on the first few layers.

I can also hear the print peeling really loud at about 50 layers in.

what have you tried, since the reset?
do you have any pictures?