Is there a set of prints available for Moai 130?

I am in the process of unboxing the kit and have either lost the right 3 frame or it wasn’t shipped. I’m going to measure the others but thought to ask here to see if dimensional prints are available. I’m guessing 20mm extruded, not v-slot I’ll have to work out the hole location sizes taps all that crap. If cheap and fast, I’d rather order a replacement.

Thanks for any tips.

You can find step and dxf files here for the Moai 130:
But i guess it maybe cheaper and faster to ask the reseller or peopoly for the missing parts.

If you have a reseller near you, it’s better to ask for a replacement
If not, buying an extruded bar and have a few holes drilled would be a cheaper way

I made a replacement. Thanks for the tips !