IS There a Manual Override for Z Axis on Phenom?

I have a print in progress and the power went out. Wasn’t aware that the area was going to have an outage for several hours. By the time it will be back on, I will already be at work. I don’t know if the print is on the FEP, or above it. I have a Phenom and am wondering if there is a way to manually lift the Z axis, just in case the outage happened during the exposure time and the print is pressed on the screen. Thanks

Yes, you can manually raise the print bed by going into utilities and raising the bed with the tools there (I would have to look for the exact menu items). Just ensure you press the up, not the down button.

I have my Prime printer on a UPS, so power outages won’t affect a print.

Thank you, but that’s not quite what the question is. If you look at my post, I am asking how to do that when there is no power to the house, or to the unit. Is there a manual way - by hand - to turn the worm screw to raise it from the bed. The power has since been restored to the house, and I’ve been able to do what you are describing. But how do you do that when there is a power outage?

Sorry, I am not sure if you can lift up the build plate or not. I have never needed to do that.

If you’re in the middle of a print, and the Z motor dies, or something happens that would prevent the Z axis from moving under motor control, how would the z axis be moved? I would want to clear the print from the vat in some way. The screen would likely be damaged if you tried to pull out the vat and build plate at the same time, or if you tried to cut the print loose from the plate. I’ve never opened my Phenom to see if any of this is possible, but it doesn’t seem likely from the front.