Is the peo resin food safe?


I was thinking of making cups and spoons for a cafe, so just wanted to know whether its safe?They will be used to serve hot coffee and cold milkshakes too but wont be used for storing. Also wanted to know if someone has done it already.


To my knowledge it is not food safe. After proper UV curing it is safe to touch but I would never use it to serve food. Please also remember that only Hi-temp resin can handle high temperatures.


In my opinion, you may use the Moai to print objects and make molds in rubber or silicone out of them. Pour food safe resins in them, resins that may be able to support high temperatures, and use the outcome as you wish.


I dont use any printed part around food (FDM or SLA). Personal opinion I guess, but I just think it would be too easy for bacteria to spread. (pourous, lines, etc).


I would be more concerned with chemical leaching from the plastic or resin. Although PLA may be food safe, the feedstock for the filament may not be food grade. Nor will the colorants necessarily be food grade. SLA resin contains photoactivators as well as a certain percentage of monomer, neither of which are safe for injestion.

I am with @Raoul, you should make a primary for a mold using SLA and then cast using food grade molding techniques.


it is not tested for food safety and depending on user settings/cleaning practice/post curing; there may be residual resin inside. So do not use it as a container for food to be on the safe side.


I just eat the stuff with a spoon. Love the taste of the neon green resin.


:grin: … what’s the taste? Are you still alive?
If you say it seriously, you should see a doctor a.s.a.p. !



It’s the worst taste ever. I’ve had a little bit touch my lips and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


It’s serious. I don’t know much but there are some safety information on the papers that come with the resin from Peopoly. You should read them if you still have them!


it is like concentrated detergent. wash out your mouth and you should be ok. it is not super toxic. but if you are not feeling well, consult doctor immediately.


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