Is it the Card Reader or the Firmware?

Hello all,

I have been enjoying my Moai for about a month now. After replacing a faulty SD card reader that came with my kit I have had no problems at all.

Before this issue whenever I printed I would go to the folder gecode and click on the file I want and it would start printing. Now when I try to print after clicking on the file and confirming it. The build plate moves down to position but the laser only flickers in a couple of spots then the plate moves up to around layer 250 and and as far as I know it starts printing because at this point I cancel the print. I have noticed that on the Moai screen when this happens that it says 1 for total layers. I have also found that if I cancel the print after I see this on the display the build plate will move all the way down into the vat but it will then move up to it’s end stop position and if I go back and select the same file again it will now print and the display will show the correct total layers. Very Strange :thinking:

I have tried formatting but that didn’t make any difference. I use Asura 2.2.3 for supports and Cura 4.4.1 to slice. Firmware is version 1.1.8 Rebooting the printer (turning it off and on) didn’t seem to make a difference either. It only seems to work now if I cancel the first print and watch the plate take a quick resin bath then restart the print. This has been going on for the last 4 or 5 prints now but at least I can still print and the prints are still coming out great.

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That’s really weird, try to re-flash your firmware using this guide :

Hello peopolysupport,

I tried re-flashing the firmware and unfortunately it didn’t work. Also I took another look at that display and I had one thing wrong. For total layers I thought it was 1 but it is in fact 0 when it is going to fail. I’m currently printing some parts for the T-Rex model by Makerbot from the Thingiverse website. So far I have done the Skull, Neck, Jaw and Hands. All came out beautiful. I have been making two or three parts at a time if I can fit them but I was wondering if the size of the Gcode file would have anything to do with this issue? It seemed to have started when I was printing another Dragon by nevaneva from Thingiverse and I started printing multiple parts. The file size got much bigger with each piece. Is there a file size limit on the printer? I don’t know it could just be a coincident. The file that I’m printing right now will be 2314 layers when done. The file is 811 MB. I am using the 40um profile in Cura. It is the upper and lower hip parts for the T-Rex. I did not do any re-scaling.

I don’t have a clue as to why this is happening but like I said as long as I can still inevitably print my files I am happy. This sure is a strange problem though.

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don’t put any file in the root, create a folder and put all your files inside of the folder, another important point, just leave in the folder the file you will use.

I had similar issue, and I found the problem was because I was leaving the files on the root of my SD… after create the folder works great.

this problem only happens with firmware 1.18

I have been putting the files in a separate folder not the root. I have a folder called gcode that I put the files in. I don’t usually have any files in the root directory but I do sometimes save the file in the root then move it to the gcode folder. Maybe this is affecting it.

I’m going to re-format the SD card again and save the file directly into the Gcode folder without that extra step of copying it from the root to the gcode folder. I was doing that because in Cura there is no option to pick a folder when saving to the removable disc. As far as I can tell it will only put it into the root of the removable disc.

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if this still doesn’t work out, it might be that the"new" SD card you replaced recently has became faulty

If you mean the new SD card reader, that would suck. I will be printing again tomorrow and I will let you know if things are still strange.

that’s totally your choice, since this is an “annoying” problem rather than “alarming”

Yes it is still working strangely. I have to select the file at least twice before it will print. It is annoying but now I have noticed a humming sound when the laser fires. It starts as soon as the laser starts the current layer and stops when the laser is finished until the next layer. I am going to take the side cover off after this latest print finishes and take a look to make sure that nothing is loose. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the prints. Until this the only sound that the Moai made while printing was from the heater. I will talk to Matterhackers about the card reader.

When saving your gcode I would save it to your hard drive first instead of saving to the SD card.
Seems to be less glitchy that way.