Is it just me or is this Red Resin like magic or something?


This stuff is amazing. Comes out very clean, little waste, cures perfect. Its like voodoo or something. I just printed a huge figure using standard meshmixer supports with no editing to see if it would fail. It wins. Red Resin always wins.


yeah feels really good when it turns out! I actually like printing with the blue resin more than the grey, seems easier for some reason, or maybe we are just getting better at it. I’ll give the red stuff a go some time too.


Blue and Red are probably the easiest to print resins in the line up even tho the chemical make up are very similar.


Red resin is currently out of stock on and not even listed on; when might it be available again?


red, along with blue and green will be back in stock mid Jan


What is the average delivery time within the us for resin from the peopoly store? I’m in south Mississippi.

I haven’t used anything but the grey resin but as I have successfully printed 3 full liters of it without touching the vat (and at most 3 failed prints) I am reluctant to experiment with anything else.


You have to order from Matterhackers. Peopoly apparently does not directly ship products from China that are sold by local partners. (Which makes sense.).

Matterhackers generally ships cross-country in about 5 business days door-to-door. YMMV.


All matterhackers had was black. Everything else was out of stock. I ordered directly from peopoly. I don’t need it today but want to be prepared.

I just wondered if anyone ordered direct from peopoly. It was $20 for express shipping. Hope that’s not “we’ll put it on a ship from China asap” express


I ordered directly from Peopoly before and it got here pretty quick. I am in Mass.


Interesting. I tried to place an order for white resin and trays in December and was faced with $9,999 in standard shipping charges to NY. I took that to mean that they didn’t want to ship that to the U.S. The FDM build surface was only about $4 s/h, though.

Let us know if you get it. DHL takes about a week. Customs can hold you up, though.


Will advise. Yeah, express shipping was $20 but it gave me the $9999 shipping option too and it made some reference to matterhackers on that shipping option.


"For US buyer, you can only buy from Matterhackers at the moment. " - Peopoly on facebook post.

What I want to know is when to expect the red resin… I suspect it will sell out fast on matterhackers.


we do ship resin and accessories to US, just not Moai kit. This is because when MH is out of stock on consumables, you would at least have a back up option.


Tracking on the resin shows an expected delivery date of Monday. Fortunately I have enough resin to get me through until then. This will be the fourth liter of resin I will be printing (provided it makes it all the way through) in the original vat. Still got a new spare sitting on the shelf. :slight_smile: