Investment powder for casting


Hello friends,
I am a new beginner using 3D printer to do some lost wax casting work. I’ve seen a lot of useful discussions on this forum, and wanted to stay here to learn and share my experimental results. So one question I’ve been curious is the type of investment powder used for casting. It seems that R&R Plasticast is the ideal type. I found there are three Plasticast investment offered by R&R, and they are Plasticast, Plasticast with Bandust, and Plasticast PT. The first one is 50 lbs for $55 plus shipping, and the third type is $299 plus shipping. According to Form2 website, the Plasticast with Bandust is an ideal one, however I could not find a good supplier to buy it.
So my question is, does the Plasticast Bandust offer better results than the standard Plasticast or not? If they are comparable, I will order the normal Plasticast for my casting work.
For those of you who have been getting successful and consistent results with castable resin, which investment have you used other than Plasticast? Is Ultra-vest (offered by R&R) a good investment as well?




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