Interface not working smoothly [feedback]

Though the issues I am about to describe have not stopped me from being able to print anything I wanted to bounce some of the firmware issues that I am having and see if it is a common problem. One is the fact that the double click to confirm some actions doesn’t always work, especially when I am trying to stop a print. I have done everything I can on the hardware side to make sure there is nothing wrong with the button. The second glitch I have had is the fact that when I decide I do not want to confirm the start of a print the printer gets confused and locks in a loop where the “yes” and “no” options constantly display in the screen despite the text on top changing to the “choose folder” and “choose file”. This issue is solved by constantly hitting the button till it exits to the main screen or rebooting the system. The third is pretty small, when I start a print the screen will say layer 1/0 and won’t update to the real layer count until the completion of the first layer. This problem does not happen every time but when it does it’s a bit irritating just because I have no idea how many layers the print is going to end up taking right off the bat.

Thanks for the feedback. The upcoming firmware will cancel print immediately. Currently, print waits for the layer to be finished before pausing.

Also, just something that I think would look good on the interface would be a progress bar that better shows the user where the printer is in the print at a glance. If possible I think it would be great if the printer information screen could closer emulate that of the MakerBot series printers as the ability to see the print settings, what the model looks like, and the progress percentage is really nice. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product thus far and look forward to working with it in the future.

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If the button is not sticking or anything like that, I would say record a shot video clip of the behaviors and post a link.

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If the plastic knob is inserted deeply, it may not be possible to double click well. If you just pull out the knob a little bit, clicks will be able to be done smoothly.


Additional firmware feedback, only minor thing, but it’s the double click again.

At the confirm print screen, if you choose No with a single click, the menu returns to Select Folder, but still displays No. then rotating the dial it returns to the confirm print screen displaying yes.

I think the top text gives the impression it has come out but it is still caught in the print no print loop.

I would post a vid but I don’t think it’s needed

I have had this same issue for a while. I am yet to figure out a fix and I think any solution will have to come from peopoly itself

would it be ok to take a short phone clip and upload to google drive to share here? That would help a lot

Will do, tried to but wasn’t sure how to add to this forum. Link to post shortly