Installing FEP vat and calibration


I just received the new easy buildplate and FEP vat.

When I reset the zlevel to 1815 it push the buildplate to its maximum travel.
had to set it to 1795 for it to have som movement left when I pushed it down to tighten the screw.

When the resin is in the vat its not easy to tighten the screws without getting resin all over.

After printing four cylinders they ended up at 11mm.

Tried to print the calibration cross but the x+ axis was right at the buildplate edge.
Will I need to recenter the laser after going from PDMS to FEP vat?

you should never do the tightening with resin in the vat, pour them out before re-leveling

it’s ok if they are all 11mm, you can increase the z-reset to drop it down, 1 value =0.1mm

if your center cross and circle test is good, no need to re-do them, although just the x+ axis got changed from the PDMS vat, you should re-do them to check
to adjust the value in the calibration file to make your own calibration, follow guide :