Injection molds


Hi there
I would love to print injection mold parts for low temp (<200°C) moldings.
Is there a resin which is precise and tough enough for that which works in the moai 200?
I only know the DWS SLA printer that can print these kind of parts


we have a community of users who are jewelers, they use a lot of castable/wax resins and they would be happy to help.
Join them here: Wax Resin Alternatives and Settings/Use for Jewelers


hmm. Sorry my english is not so good. Maybe my explanation ist is really bad. We want to make these greenish parts:


The Moai can print Waxcat resin like MakerJuice and castable resin like Funtodo
The reason i direct you to the jewelers community because they can offer a lot more information then we can


here is the list for all resin type the Moai can print :



we have Nex Hitemp resin that can handle up to 180C. would that work for you?


I run both MOAI and DWS XFAB
MOAI is more detail in thinner areas.
XFAB is faster and 3 times more expencive to run ( 300 ml resin is 50 to 100 EUR)
As far XFAB is using locked to resin settings ( you just choose resin type and printer model ) and user have no control over laser power , speed and layer size, MOAI is way more flexible machine.
I do injection molding inserts for thermoplastics and it is working great with peopoly high temp so far


i am really thankfull for your sharing :smiley:


your photo is of a mold inserts made with objet multijet printer.
This was the add that started all the SLA printing research for me.
Started with xyz Nobel 1.0 A , but it is locked to XYZ resins and they do not have high temp.
On more thing for PP or PE and for 10-20 test shots , even the standard clear resin would wor.
For ABS you should go to High temp.
I did a successful test for over-molding of TPU over ABS with inserts made in clear on both MOAI and XFAB
and it works. TPU melting temp is in the range of 130 to 150 deg C


thanks for sharing. So TPU works out for you?
The original design was for making vulcanized rubber mold with hitemp prints. But I am glad you found other uses:



PMMA also melts under 180C as well. maybe that is another choice


So TPU is the right material in this case
We inject it over ABS base part