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Got my Moai 200 recently and finally started tinkering with it over this past weekend. I’ve found it quite difficult to sort of information on this site that is relevant to the 200 vs the 130, and have found inconsistency regarding the 200 mentioned in different places as well. Overall, I would like to suggest that any guides, firmware, files, etc clearly call out whether they are relevant to the 130 or the 200, to reduce confusion.

Some examples I’ve come across:
Moai 200 default settings are different between these two documents:
Moai 200 Starting page:[]=moai&s[]=200
PM Motor Speed: 10
PM Reset Position: 80
CompensateY: 195

Moai 200 Leveling document:
PM Motor Speed: 15
PM Reset Position: 60
CompensateY: 200

Many of these settings are of course different than those given for the Moai 130. For example, I had to click through several pages of “old” settings to land on this page: And the link that took me there said it was taking me to v1.16. Nowhere on this page does it say that these settings (and firmware) don’t apply to the Moai 200.

I suggest a thorough scrub of outdated posts on the wiki.

I also have a question I have is related to the resin exposure document. I’m glad to see a column for Moai 200 on there for laser settings, but when following instructions for the “tough” resin, this page gives a series of printer settings and it’s unclear whether these are compatible with the Moai 200 or not:

For example, will setting the “Z Follows” to 10 on a Moai 200 which is normally set a 2 cause damage to my printer? What is the correct setting for the 200? Which of the other settings need to be modified for the 200?

Can someone please clarify these discrepancies?

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The Moai 200 setting was updated again. We also correct the leveling documents

Please use those numbers as your default.

The wiki firmware page was created before Moai 200 and the settings are for original Moai only. We have added warning already.

For tough resin, it would be very difficult to print on Moai 200 due to the high peel force. If you have to try, you can look at as a reference point on how to increase infill and tip size.

The correct setting is given about. Do not change z-follow to 10.

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