Imakr UK gone away or just asleep?


I bought a Moai from imakr in the UK last week. It went together with very few issues. There was just an an arm from the lock missing, so I made one. More importantly the SD card reader is faulty.
I have tried to contact them to buy some Peopoly resin and get a replacement SD card reader, they are not responding to online chat, emails and their telephone line is dead.
Their website does not respond to online orders ?
Am I in much doo doo ?, have they gone ?



They do own a shop in London, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it stopped selling Peopoly stuff soon. They lost an order from me because they didn’t answer the phone.

They do get back to you, just weeks later, and they are rubbish. Keep trying to ring I say, they will eventually pick up.



Thanks for the info.

I have ordered some resin from Poland and they say they will also send me an SD card.

Peopoly also invited me to contact them on support.

Have you found anywhere in the UK for more reasonable resin and FEP sheet for the Moai ? Did you buy one anyway ?

Foolishly I sold my other resin printer before I got the Moai running.




I got my printer from Imakr in London.
It all seems fine.
But I phoned up to order a heater and they Basicly blocked me then quoted me far more than the peopoly site I eventuly order per the heater from.

The London shop used to be I’m not so sure.