I'm new to Phenom. I couldn't manage to get successful result


I’ve started printing with Phenom that I recently bought.
I’ve done levelling the build plate as mentioned in the guide and updated firmware 2.8.

1.But, the first test with Phenom-Test file.cbddlp.
The print is stuck on the vat, and it is just unrecognisable.

I guess I might have done something wrong.

my chitubox setting is like below.

and I used PEOPOLY deft resin(WHITE).

Thank you!


Sorry to hear about your printing problem. The model cannot be stuck on the platform. It should be because the platform is not adjusted properly or the bottom exposure time is insufficient. If you have just used the phenom equipment, generally you don’t need to level it, because the equipment has been debugged before leaving the factory. If you want to level it, please follow the leveling manual. You can move down 0.3mm during leveling to increase the platform and The stickiness of the model.

2. The latest firmware of the device is F2.11, which can read ctb format. Not 2.8

@kayip Did these fix your problem? I am having a similar issue with my Phenom. All my prints are stuck on the FEP sheet and not the build plate.

Hi! I think the problem was firmware update. As soon as I updated the latest firmware. the problem was solved.

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