I'm back after 6 months

Aftter i broke my Vat last Year i stopped working with the Moai. I wanted to buy one but i could only order from Asia and didn’t want to pay the Duty and shiping ;). After that i hat so much stress at work and with my other private programming and electronic Projekts, that my Moai caught dust. Than Peopoly announced the new leveling platform and VAT, so i decided to deliver my Moai from the Dust. I ordered some liters of Resin :wink: the new VAT and leveling Platform.
Now I’m sitting here, realising that this break maybe took to long. I don’t no anything about what happend in the last half year. So what would be the First steps?
Installing the new Firmware.
I think the system with Cura and the profiles is the same?
Anything to change in the Printer Settings? Maybe regarding the FEP VAT and the leveling Platform.
Any new Websites or PDFs ore something similar to search for Infos?

And then, are there some new plans from Peopoly? Some new Modules planed? Some new Tech?
(I know about the new planed Printer)

If you know something new, that you find interesting and want me to know, feel free to help me catching up :wink:

Regards ,


Hi Kevin…

I’m gonna assume that you already checked the galvos, if not, see this: STEP 3 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R4ggLXtaHLgEfPj2fK2P_7y7HjT0qA91M-NNgyH7Ak4/edit

So… where to start… first things first… what is your printer FW?? You should update to the latest 1.16FW and insert the latest settings.

Guide to update: https://peopoly.dozuki.com/Guide/Moai+-+Firmware+Upgrade/3

Latest Settings: http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:firmware

Then you should check your leveling with this guide (This is for the stock Buildplate): http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:leveling

Adjustable Buildplate, here is the guide: http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate

I dont know what version of Cura you used back then (probably 2.6), you can install the new version with this guide: http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura341mod

The new profiles (to import to Cura 3.4.1) can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18mBWZCltr5uNXvRDH-pP7xHTMuzSLmJy/view

So, after doing those steps you should print the ring STL that comes with the printer SD card to fine tune your laser power. See this: https://peopoly.dozuki.com/Guide/Moai+-+How+to+find+resin+exposure+time/4

After all that you’re ready to go, if you have any further questions feel free to ask and we will try to help you out.

I think thats all xD

Happy printing

PS: Dont forget to ajdust the settings taking in consideration the FEP vat… the guides should mention the changes needed to fit the FEP vat.


Great post @Leonardo
Im in the same boat where I dont need to use the printer for a few months and then its all go.

Ive now got my updated build plate and FEP vat.

There was a few months back someone looking at putting the current files / advice in one place…

@peopoly - just looking at the list Leonardo has posted- there are 4 different locations for this info.
Please please can you at least maintain a pinned thread thats listed as one of the main categories , on this forum ? Basic info shouldnt have to be searched for
Please open a locked category/ thread titled LATEST GUIDES, SETTINGS AND FIRMWARE so we can go straight to them instead of going searching. Not all of us have the luxury of being on here daily.
Cheers ! :wink:


Yea… a post with all the links and descriptions of the guides/instructions would be a good idea.

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Hi Leonardo, Thanks for your answear.

I checked the Galvos August last year. So i assume the souldn’t have moved :wink:

I think i updated FW sometimes. So i should be up do date. I will check.

So for the Leveling. I leave the old Leveling nuts as they are and put the new Platform in and level that.

3.4.1? I 'm at 2.6 as you said. It’s time for some printing.

As i asume your also from Italy, where do you order your stuff? The reseller in Germany is often out of stock and i don’t know how the other resellers are doing.

If you checked the galvos, they should be fine (specially if you did not move the printer).

For the leveling, yes, you can leave the nuts as they are (assuming last time you leveled it was in working order) and adjust only the buildplate.

Cura 3.4.1 has better quality but you can use 2.6 if you want.

I’m not from Italy, im from Portugal. I get my supplies directly from Peopoly for now, Evilrobot from Germany should be getting stock soon from what i’ve heard.

wiki.peopoly.net the front page has a pretty good list and guides.

I recommend first thing to do is upgrade firmware and then settings:
Firmware, latest

and do the calibration guide (which has been constantly modded)
Advance Moai calibration guide:

And you are caught up with most users.

The cura 3.4.1 is mod and not official yet so that is not something I recommend everyone to do. The profiles are in with Cura main branch so the update would the next Cura version.

European and UK users can get their stuff from iMakr now. They just got a large shipment of resins

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Thanks for the Answear,

Which Version would you than recommend? 3.4?
The Profiles are integrated in Cura? Or only in the new Version?

Ok, i will have a Look for iMakr

I printed my first ring with the new Parts, but my old Resin was really transparent even after shaking the Bottle.
So i don`t know, if that is the reason why my prints came out that bad.
But i think it is also a Leveling issue, because the prints didn’t stick well on one site.
The right print was the first print.
Should i print with my still closed Resin?

The first thing you should print is the leveling cylinders.

That way you can confirm if the leveling is good.

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Ok, i printed the leveling Zylinders and one failed. Measuring the Zylinders i see, that i got to apply more preasure while leveling. But how should that be possible? I mean i get how i can adjust space with the normal platform, but how does it work with the new platform?@peopoly?

My Cylinders:
B=11.01mm D=11.07mm
A=Missing C=11.17mm

The other 3 cylinders seem to be really close in size to eachother… i would adjust the z reset position for the buildplate to go lower and then see if A prints and what size is it.

If i remember correctly… a higher number will bring the buildplate closer to the vat… so you want a larger Z reset value. Try +1 and print again…

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So i tried to lower the Platform by +1.
A is still missing

B=10.57mm D=11.04mm
A=Missing C=11.12mm

Should i lower it another time? Is that even possible? The FEP isn’t as compressible as the PDSM i would say :slight_smile:

The +1 made my zylinders by .03-.05 smaller. So it would be some steps to get to 10.9 or something.

I lowered the Platform by another +1 (1818)
and now all cylinders got printed:
B=10.81mm D=10.90mm
A=10.99mm C=10.95mm

But as i printed the Ring, only the First Layer sticked to the Platform, and the next to the FEP.
Should i really go further down @peopoly & @Leonardo ?

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this is pretty close. I think you would be happier with 1820.

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Yea… fep is more sticky than PDMS so the part really needs to adhere to the buildplate and be cured correctly. try increasing the laser power by +1 to see if it helps…

Or you can try 1819 and see how it goes =).

Let us know how it goes.

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@peopoly and @Leonardo. Thanks for your help.

I now tried with 1820 and got the following measurements:
B=10.59mm D=10.67mm
A=10.73mm C=10.79mm

But the same problem with the Ring test.
But i found out, that i scratched my fep film a little bit. Should i replace it? I could also try to set laser power +1 as suggested by @Leonardo

Also i forgot to mention, that i wouldn’t thighten the screws from the vat so much at delivery. I couldn’t open one, and had to drill the screw out.

The fep should be fine for the most part… a scratch would not cause that issue unless its alot of scratches.

Your leveling could be better but i believe you should be able to print the ring like that. Try +1 on laser power to see if you improve layer bonding! If the layers are not curing properly they have a higher chance of delaminating and that would cause the part to break mid-print.

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I tried +1 on laser power and finished the ring. But most of the Supports failed.
Should i try another +1 on the laser power?

Sorry for bad quality, i don’t have the good Objective at home. But you should see the failed Supports on top and the Supports on the bottom also didn’t connect realy well.

Please remind me… what laser power are you using?