I was looking for a dealer of Peopoly

I was looking for a Peopoly distributor. I had bought my Phenom L at Imaker but that was not such a pleasant experience. have to email a lot and insist in the end they delivered much later than planned. Now that I wanted to buy the curring station, I was looking for a new distributor.
i was looking for a dealer of peopoly. I found 3dpartnershop.com.
purchased on August 9 and delivered on August 13. Delivery was in Belgium.
If anyone in Europe is looking for a dealer check out their website.

I am in no way affiliated with or take any advantage of this website or company. Is only intended for those who are looking for a distributor of Peopoly in Europe

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Neither am I affiliated or “sponsored”, but i can agree with you that i also have excellent experience with 3dpartnershop. They’re based in Warsaw and use DPD for (fast) shipping with well documented tracking
They have a quick response when you ask a question and provided assistance when I goofed up the invoice stats. I really like their customer service !
The only down point I had so far is that they sometimes lack stock-consistency in their resins. It is annoying to find out your preferred production-resin is, yet again, out of stock. Using a different resin often snowballs in lots of small problems when you have established a nice running production…
Apart that… thumbs up !!!
Prices are really very competitive… dare I say, the best in Europe?