I think that there is a problem with the LCD screen

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After leveling my printer and printing 3 test models successfully (each print lasted approx 2 hours), I decided to print a bigger model (28 hours print).
When the printer started to work a loud noise of vacuum was heard several times for the first 30 minutes of work. A vacuum noise was never heard before that - not even low noise.
After 14 hours I noticed that the print failed and I stopped the printing. When I tried to remove the VAT I noticed that it sticks to the floor of the printer, I released it very slowly and saw that the resin was between the VAT and the floor. So I thought that there is a hole in the FEP.
Anyway, I examined the FEP and I did not see any hole or crack in the FEP, probably the FEP was not attached correctly to the VAT (but I am not sure about that).
Anyway, after taking out the VAT I noticed that the LCD is not properly leveled on the floor. Maybe the vacuum pushed it higher, but I am not sure about it. Maybe I just think that it is not in its place.
I attached pictures for your review, as I am worried to use the printer at the moment.

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Sorry to hear about your printing problem. The most effective way to provide you with the best answer is to get as much information as possible from you.
The information we need from you:

order number
Where you are
Machine serial number (at the switch position in the lower right corner of the device)
Question survey information This is a support survey and covers factors that affect all key factors. Some may be answered, while others seem to be irrelevant to the question at hand. Please answer as completely as possible:

You can download it as a Word file and put the answer in

The sound is loud, which should be caused by the excessive drawing force when printing the model. You need to provide the model diagram and the model placement angle when printing.
The shading tape in the picture is wrinkled, and the tape can be replaced.

The requirement for tape is:

  1. block UV light completely
  2. can handle abuses and wear
  3. thickness is less than 0.13mm so it does not affect leveling
  4. not too wide but wide enough. 2.5cm-3.3cm wideth is a good option.

minimize overlap when taping so it doe not affect leveling

We ship with the black heat resistant tape because it helps to secure the panel.
We recommend Kapton tape for printing. here is a 30mm option that works well

So does it mean that the loud sound is okay?
Regarding the Kaptop tape, do you ship it express? As I need to replace it ASAP.
Last, which is the most important thing, why there was resin below the FEP film? The film seemed to be okay with no holes, what could cause it?
I attached the screenshot from CHITUBOX how the last print looked like…
I placed a raft below each model (4 models in total) and all the supports were light (which probably caused the print itself to fail).
If it was caused due to a print, is there any advice on what I should be looking for the next time, and what I should not do the next time??? How can I print it successfully?

  1. The size of the print sound is mostly related to the model you print. Video is required for diagnosis if it is normal.
  2. Regarding the tape, you can find it locally or buy it on peopoly’s official website.
  3. There is resin under the FEOP film, which should be caused by the leakage of the resin tank or the lack of cleaning feeling on the back of the FEP film when cleaning the resin tank. Whether the resin tank is leaking, you can put 1/2 of its capacity in the resin tank and let it stand for half an hour to check whether the resin tank is leaking.
  4. Regarding printing, please follow the printing manual. When printing, select heavy-duty support for printing support, and default settings for other supports. You can also visit the official website of chitubox, where there is technical support, which may be of great help to printing.

G-d willing

Regarding the sound, I will videotape it the next time and will upload it here if necessary.
Regarding the tape, which properties this tape has so I will look for it locally? Does your local reseller hold this tape in stock?
As for the supports, I will look at the CHITUBOX support page for more information.
By the way, what about Lychee Slicer, do you recommend using it? If yes, can you please share with me the proper Deft Gray settings for Lychee?

The technical requirements of shading tape have already been mentioned. You should be able to find it locally. The local agent should have this type of tape.
You can use Lychee slicing software, but it is not recommended. There are our built-in resin printing parameter settings in the chitubox software, which will be much more convenient when printing.

Can I, in the meantime, continue printing with the printer? I did not replace the shading tape yet, as I am still waiting for it to arrive.
Here is another picture of how it looks like at the moment…

You can continue printing. There is a protective film on the screen. If there is cured resin on it, you can wipe it with ethanol or gently shovel it off with a small rubber spatula.

Hello, yesterday I wanted to try and print again. However, after replacing the FEP Sheet with a new one, cleaning the entire surface properly, I placed the VAT (with no resin) in its place and saw that the new FEP sheet is getting “dirty” with small leftovers from the previous resin.
I, of course, took the VAT out, cleaned it, cleaned the surface again. I made sure the surface is clean and placed the VAT back again. But, again, in 2 minutes I saw the same dirt on the FEP sheet.
I realized that the old resin is coming from under the shading tape. I took it out (which was very easy) and saw the following:

The other side looks like that:

The other 2 sides does not have this material at all… Attaching pictures of those sides as well:

It seems that there is a kind of material between the LCD and the frame. But in most of it, there is no material. I marked with a green color the place where there is no material, and with red where it exists. What is this material? Is it something that intends to prevent a gap between the LCD and the frame? If so, why it is not covering the entire frame?
It can’t be that I am having this problem after 3 small prints…

Waiting for your urgent response…

There is a protective film on the screen, if there are a small amount of bubbles or scratches on it, it will not affect the use of the screen. If there is debris, please clean it up with ethanol. The original screen will stick some glue between the screen and the screen frame to prevent damage to the screen when the screen is moved during transportation.

You have a gasket seal leak under the vat. Make sure you clean it well and carefully check for cracks or tears. When tightening it does not have to be powerful. Just a nice snug tightness and you should be ok. Make sure you use a back and fourth sequence to tighten the plate

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Thank you very much.

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