I guess the "Vat" hit the fan?


So came to my next challenge in Moai 101. Upon exploring my vat to check on any potential floaters and mix the resin with silicone spatula, I noticed a great deal of very adhered residue on the vat bottom. I very carefully removed what I could but could feel there was more damage than just stuck resin pieces. Looks like the vat has a tear and clouded damage…like the silicone is damaged…I can see a dottted pattern, likely the ghosting from my xyz ware supports?
So cleaned the vat to show here . Bottom exterior seems ok.
No replacement vats in stock at Matterhackers sight. So…I am outta biz here till I get either a silicone replacement kit or a new vat it seems.
Any guesses what causes this looking at my photos ?
One thing I did is print a fairly large piece last with xyz ware supports that I had a hunch were too dense. Laser was at 57 no changes other than printed at .05 layer res.

Suggestions welcome.

Below are pics of the last thing I printed. Dense xyz ware supports. Z height about 85mm. Cura for Moai sliced at .05 . Note the print failed at the “neck” before finishing.

@peopoly @Lyndondr @macklebee @RonUSMC


The power of you laser was at 87? That would be way too high. Should be at 56 or 57.


lol typos yes 57 sorry


will edit my typo on laser setting


This is an option.


that form1 vat looks pretty nice, you try it?


no problem. Ime damaging the pdms like that is caused by large pools of resin getting cured and then attaching itself to the vat instead of the build plate. The large pools are some times from having your bases diameter being too wide creating a huge suction force but that doesn’t appear to be your issue.

Your issue might be related to too much pressure on the build vat from the build plate making the peel away harder on the pdms and might make the resin stick to the pdms instead of the build plate. Not sure.


Before getting my leveling issues taken care of there was too much pressure on the vat. But the vat was OK and I have gotten about 6 prints since…However, leveling was corrected and these damages were not present like this till now. So that’s why I am not sure where to go from here.


Does this fit the Moai without modification? This vat @Lyndondr


Also…anyone else here have an idea why this happened and how to avoid it? Just ordered vat fix material per orginal post on how to pour new silicone vat bottom…but I don’t want this to be happening frequently.


I think the initial install testing did quite a number on the vat. As long as you keep your laser power in 57-58. leveling in the 10.7-10.8mm it should last much longer. Move prints around to futher extend use and scrap clean the pdms layer to expose them to air before each print. You can also get vats from us when Mattherhackers is out @Tom_Thordarson on peopoly.net


@peopoly I tried Ordering from Peopoly. There is some issue there with the site shopping kart. Take a look! It marks a $9000.00 shipping charge when I try to order! lol


I just ordered from the peopoly website and had no problem. There were two choices for shipping for me. One was the $9,999 with the comment of ordering from matterhackers, but the second choice was FedEx for $25.
I ordered multiple things, so if you just order the vat, the shipping might be less.
I would try it again if I were you, maybe it will work this time. I am in the US as well


That’s the price for Mark to fly out tomorrow and hand it to you personally :slight_smile:


Sitting here with 5 other people and none of us see a shipping alternative other than the 9k ! Where do u see the option? It shows a 10k total right down to asking for the final button push !


I just went from my cart to check out. I wonder if I was able to order because I also ordered the new high temp resin, which is not being sold by Matterhackers???!!
I wonder if you try to add that to your cart if that changes the shipping options??


That is sold out already. either way…there should not be a 9K shipping charge popping up ! lol That’s a problem
this is getting very frustrating. I keep hitting hurdle after hurdle. Love this machine when it works…but I need to not have issues like this with printer so repetitious. its going to start costing me off job time.


I just tried it myself and I get the same thing when I just have the vat in my cart. The moment I add white resin in my cart and then go to shipping method, I get a second shipping option of $20 express shipping. Not sure why it does that?? So if you want to buy resin at the same time, you could order it that way??!! I know it is a bit messed up, but it is all I can come up with. The total would be cheaper than from matterhackers, since their vat is already $20 more than from Peopoly, so you would get the resin at $10 cheaper.


I will try again!! I tried buying two vats and it showed same 9K shipping…but I will try adding resin!! Thanks!!


Adding resin worked!!! lol odd…but finally worked!!! Saved me 9k!!! lol Thanks @joostd