I feel really Stupid but

I’m not sure what model Moai I have. I got it from Matterhackers and they only list it by its model number. (MP86LX2U)
Is there a chart to match model numbers and Model names?

the metal plate, is it large with metal holes punched in, or solid and flat?
If its flat, then you have the original Moai 130.
Just take a photo of the inside and we can tell you. theres only two moai types

I saw the title of this post and I really questioned if somehow my subconscious posted this :slight_smile:
What @johnchen is correct. The quickest way to determine what you have is by the build plate, either by size or a faster way is the build plate.

If you had to build the printer, or if the build plate is solid (no holes) then it would be the Moai 130

If it was delivered fully assembled and the build plate has holes, then it would be the 200 series

You have a Peopoly Moai 130.

Have you been able to successfully set up the galvos and print the test cylinders?

Are the cylinders still out of round?

Do not hesitate to ask your questions, we are happy to help!

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Here’s my build plate. I did build the unit myself. It works fine with the exception that I have not been able to get Asura for OSX to produce useable Gcode. I’m working on that in the OSX Beta forum.

If all that came with the printer (heater, FEP vat), I’d assume it’s a moai 130.

Can’t help you much with Asura, but I can say that the EZ level plate is meant to be a lot better for the FEP vat (resin volume and leveling wise) than the default, you should have one laying around somewhere if you got the 130.

by not visible gcode you mean you do not see the model printed out, or is it 0kb gcodes
which Asura version are you using?

I have been able to print from Asura. The Code I was getting looked good When I opened it, but wouldn’t print.

I added the heater, and 3d printed a fun little stand for it.

  • did you print the DIY_test.gcode as per levelling instructions? did that work?
  • Did you print the ring gcode?

These presliced files should print fine if its not a hardware issue.

the Gcodes looks good, so when it doesn’t print, is there anything left on the build plate and the vat?

I’m printing from Asura for Mac now. I’ll play around with the calibration and report back in the Mac OS Beta thread.

BTW, Asura Mac Beta should probably have it’s own category. The current thread contains a lot of old info, and is long and varied enough to be nearly impractical for finding solutions to a problem.

i’ll have it in the to-do list