I can't get prints of pieces that fit together

Hello, I have a Phenom Noir and when I print models that are 1 piece, the prints look good, and everything seems to be ok from settings to material.

The issue is when I print models that have pieces. Arter printing and curing, the pieces never fit together. I’m using siraya tech fast white (also used the Peopoly Deft Resin).

Printing settings below:

What is the best material and setting I should use to print models in pieces that can fit together?

Need to understand the characteristics of the resin, shrinkage. Control the exposure time when printing, and you can also correct the print size when slicing. Or consider this aspect when designing the product size

Ok. I’ll read about it. Do you know what is the best resin I could use and best printing settings that can help to mitigate this?

You can join the peopoly group, there are many experienced users, you can communicate with them
Or join the forum of siraya resin, it can also help you

Try to get “ABS-Like” resin, I have yet to use it, but other users claim this has the least shrinkage by far.
I would also say that you should print your parts in the same direction mating-wise.
My test show that the area of greatest change is in the XY-plane, the change in dimensions is unavoidable, but you can at least try to set it up to change the same per part.
In general I would also recommend playing with the XP2 validation matrix and making sure your prints are angled and not straight.

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I think you need an Engineering Resin for that.