I cannot get tough V2 resin to succeed, need some help


The recommended resin settings say 51 laser power, I tried that with a model that was unknowingly set up for failure anyways (Asura leaves islands at beginning of some layers, I’m on the latest version). So of course it failed and the resin felt softer than all the others I’ve tried. I read on here that someone recommended 53 laser power so I tried that. It failed again after I’ve meticulously viewed the supports in different slices to make sure all is supported well. Remember, everything I’ve done is with up to date recommendations for FEP vat and this resin.

My printer is maintaining an 85F climate, I’m using all recommended settings for FEP vat and easy level build plate with advanced calibration. I have had great success with Peopoly high temp flesh colored, neon green, and gray, but this one is just asking for trouble. Tree supports are auto generated and I’ve manually added more (all strong supports with a 2mm base).


51 laser power is recommended(although some users try different laser power and it works for them)
for tough resins, use thicker supports( not the support base) and bigger support tips


hi @LTB
The Tough resin is more flexible than other resins and need strong support. You could up it all the way to 54 to ensure it is well cured. You also have not mentioned the layer height you are using. It is best to print at 100um layer height. In addition, use a slower peel speed. Tough and HiTemp (Nex) are quite the opposite resin where Nex resin has very high hardness but brittle. Tough is a bit softer but can handle much strong load.


why don’t you have several settings for supports in Asura yet? seems like it should let you make them if you don’t wish to include default settings for different resins…

oh, and I just printed leveling corner posts at 58, because someone said they just use regular settings…


you need to be specific! I just keep seeing use bigger this or slower that without any reference to what YOU use that actually works


I summarize it into a wiki page:


is it better?


Thank you.

Things like that are very helpful. You should have a page like that for each resin you make.
I would like to offer to help manage the wiki, just let me know.

Now, Perhaps next weekend, I can find time to get my printer leveled again. For some reason it seems to have gone so far off since first setup (same PDMS vat) that I can’t even try to use the easy level plate I got. Not enough play left in it to work.
It seems the plate just gets pushed all the way up till the screws hit the side of those holes, and it pushes down on the springs. (like the solid one would) rather than hanging down to touch the vat bottom…


I have checked with 2 users. 1 print at 51-52 and the other print at 52-53. Tough v2 resin is thick so you want to make sure it is nice and warm (25C+)