I am looking for a suitable Resin!

Hello people and hello Peopoly. :slight_smile:

I am looking for a reasonably priced one
UV Resin for my Peopoly Phenom.

And although I need a Resin that withstands high temperatures, about 150 ° to 200 ° degrees resistant. It should also be gasoline and oil resistant. And also very important, it should be hard and not rubber.
(not rubber)!!!

THANKS :male_detective:‍♂:male_detective:‍♂:male_detective:‍♂:eyes::face_with_monocle:

Siraya Sculpt is printable on Phenom and it can handle 160C

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I would look at Funtodo Industrial blend, I have used it on other lcd printers successfully so I believe it would work on the phenom, I will try maybe this week

Funtodo Industrial blend ???
Is this a stronger LCD screen so you can print SLA Resine. Is something hard to install yourself.

I hope Peopoly will make more resins for the Phenom in the near future. It would be very interesting if there was something high temp and gasoline or oil resistant. The resin would certainly be sold well. Or something with peek or carbon fiber.

Peopoly ?? :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of your suggestions would not be possible, but we are always working on resins for our printers and is an ongoing project

I am talking about this resin, http://funtodo.net/our-3d-resin-blends.html

They say 225C


The Industrial Blend resin
+225 Grad and hard : ) : ) : ) and 55€ is a good price for 1 Liter.

And you meryan00 mare sure that I can print this with my Peopoly Phenom MSLA printer?

Siraya found the Siraya Tech Sculpt in gray and transparent. +160 degrees and also hard. At amazon 45-50 €.

Man says that you can print Siraya Tech Sculpt with the Phenom if you heat the pressure chamber 25-35 degrees. I’ll soon decide which one I’ll take.

Only I need more detailed data from printing the Siraya resin. Layer height, exposure time, dipping and lifting speed etc. ???

Can someone help me and tell me the right settings for printing Siraya Tech Skulp ???


Yes it will work in the phenom, However I have not personally used it in that printer yet. I have Siraya Tech Tenacious, and Peopoly Deft are only ones I have tested so far.

I do know the industrial blend works in other SLA printers so it just will need some trial and error to find times.

hello, can i use other brand? for my phenom ?