Huge Klingon Bird of Prey

Well I am happy to say it’s all printed. I had to modify the gears to accept a 12v geared motor for wireless remote so the will go up and down. I’m waiting on fiber optics for exterior beacons, lighting and interior lighting. I am also designing a way for the wing cannons to move back and fourth with lighting effects. Photon launch simulated with leds and the engines pulsing. I really have to say the Phenom L is amazing. I am almost don’t with the one year video of use and prints that will be up on YouTube my first video and will be pretty in depth look at this machine. Just a honest opinion on my own. I paid for the machine. Peopoly has nothing to do with it but I think it needs the one year review as do all machines instead of a few months of use. Well enjoy the pictures and this is nothing in size compared to what I have printed with this machine


That is absolutely stunning!

Beautiful model! Can’t wait to see her finished.

Very nice cant wait to see the video.