"How to" videos?

Hey All. There seems to be quite a lot of consumables that need replacing. For these common issues is there a “How to” video section on this site somewhere? Or perhaps a photo gallery of Print fails and possible solutions? Maybe I’m just old but sifting thru this forum for specific information is seemingly time consuming and laborious. lol Currently searching for a video on replacing a screen on an XXL.

This is the screen replacement manual,

If you need further help, please email

Thank you very much. I was able to successfully replace the screen thru the help of someone that posted a dettailed how to video for the L. Not exactly the same but was able to make the adjustments.

The deadlines can be very tight in our industry. It can be quite a nail biter awaiting a response via email. I’m eager to purchase another XXL. All things considered I’m finding the XXL to be a worthwhile purchase. Although we have had some difficulties getting the machines and parts to our community in southern California. Peopoly is real close to be the Paramount brand on the market.