How to manually create supports in Asura?


I am not able to manually create supports in Asura. Nothing happens no matter where or how I click. But, the automatic support generation works fine.

Is there something that I missed to do? Or is it a problem with the software?

Also, is it possible to rotate the view in Asura? When I try to change the view by using the block on top right corner, it just switches to one view and gets stuck there. I have to close the software and open again to change the view after that.


auto generate in this case will only have the base supports to lift the model, any other supports will only generate at 50 degree or lower.
Also tilt the model to print, printing vertically is not good both for the machine and the print


The main issue is that I am not able to add extra supports after automatic generation.


even after tilting it? usually reopen the software will fix the bug