How to get rid of visible layers


Hi ,

I ve recieved and build my Moai few days ago and since than I am testing to get best quality.
I am using Asura for supports which is awesome.
But how can I change quality of print ( i unserstand that defoult is 100 microns ). Do I have to use cura for it or change settings in Printer it self ?

So far I am getting pretty visable layers in my prints :confused:
I dont have a heater installed in my Moai yet so that might be a factor as well?


Yes - a heater helps with many things and I strongly suggest you install one. The resin is much thicker when it is too cold - please keep the resin temp at around 25-28c (this is not the chamber temp but resin temp).

You are off to a good start. The quality (layer height) can be set in Asura before exporting to gcode. There are many profiles already installed in the software.


if you use Cura, you can download the profiles here:
you can have 100um to 40um
if you use Asura, the profiles are available for you


That looks about right for 100um. You cannot avoid layer lines entirely. They are a by-product of layer-wise addition, but higher resolution helps. One thing that you must consider in orienting the model is how the layers change as the model prints. If you think of your model as a topographic map, then you will see that layer lines are exacerbated by larger shifts in circumferences between layers, e.g. at the top of the cranium of your model. If you orient the model such that the layer edges are more perpendicular to the axis of change, then the layers will be better obscured. However, this is a trade-off, as hiding layer lines in one place will make them more visible in another. I tend to try to orient the model so the β€œtop” relative to the build surface is a part that someone is less likely to look at or will obscure the layer lines with its geometry.


thank You for reply and advices! will give it a go with different orientation and 40um and post the results :slight_smile:


just select 60um in the Asura slicing menu and you should get better layers