How many ml a full resin vat?



I can’t find the information anywhere. Allow me to ask here. How many ml is a full resin tank?



The Moai vat is interchangeable with with a Form 1 vat and Formlabs says it has a 200ml capacity.


Thanks for the info sir


make sure never fill over the resin line in the vat


Yes sir.
I need the ml info.
For accurate calculation for bussiness cost


Is this the ml info for the model?


Doesn’t the allowable volume of resin depend on the plate? The old plate displaces a lot more volume than the EZ level plate.


classic PDMS vat and plate. you can fill it all the way up to the line in the middle of the vat without spilling. You can do more with ez-level plate.

with fep vat, it is harder to determine. it is best you let the plate to come down first before putting in the resin