How long does the P_yuan-test.gcode take?

Does this test stop itself or do I stop it if the circle tracking looks good?

We talked about this off the forums but thought I would put it here in case others have the same question.

This test is not Automatic, it is a visual test to show if you need to adjust your laser/galvo. If the test traces the circle template, then no more adjusting is needed and you can move onto the next tests.

Note: It will not prompt you to move forward, it is to your satisfaction.

Here is the calibration guide:

The Wiki is full of information about the Moai, make sure you check it out:

What would be really cool… is to have a copy of this file. The link in the provided documentation now points to a google drive folder with restrictions. So… it’s unavailable to anyone.

Why google drive? Why not just a link to the actual file?