How long can resin sit in tank?


Hey all. I just made my first print and everything seems to be working. How long can I leave the resin in the tank after a print?



I put a piece of paper over the vat with it in the printer and I’ve gone a week or two with out printing. It would seem like some resins need to be agitated. If it has been sitting a day or so I’ll squeegee the bottom of the vat until it looks clear again. I highly recommend a squeegee for cleaning out the vat, looking for things stuck to the bottom of the vat.


The card box the vat is sent in makes a great lid.
I cut the box lid off and the base fits really nicely over the top of my vat while still in the machine, really snug fit.Also stops the smell !


there are some really good add-on made by the community:

Moai printables add-on