How large of an area can be considered accurate?


So my calibration is finally printing a nice 20x20x20 resin saver cube dead center of the machine.

Though the bottom of the cube when on supports is a little ugly.

The real question here is, how far away from center can I go before this accuracy goes away? I did a test print of a bunch of rings - all the same- and I put one dead center and one at all 4 corners as well as one in the center of the left/front/right/back sides.

Center one is perfect. The ones on the extreme edges all ended up squished about 0.4 mm and the supports started to become one with the ring.

So again, if I needed accuracy, how much of the build plate from center should I expect to work within?

Thank you!



what is your build plate type? and how is the 4 corner print measurement?

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Are you referring to the diy-test leveling height?

If so I printed it off today and my AB measurements are quite short. 9.1 and 9.2.

I am using the Easy-to-Level plate, I’m about to re level it and try again. I am not sure how it was off. I loosened the bolts on the build plate, lowered it into the empty vat and tightened them. FEP Vat.




with the ez plate the cube should have the same measurement everywhere, when you lower the plate to the vat, is the vat clean, resin free?

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The vat was empty and the build plate was clean when I leveled it.



try to relevel it , on ez plate the diy-test leveling height should be exactly the same, best to be about 10.8

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I will do this tonight and report back. Any additional tips on leveling the ezplate?