How do I Set Settings?

There is a resin print settings spreadsheet, but the numbers within it don’t seem to correspond with anything I actually SEE as settings.

The printer (Moai version 1) has a list of settings built in.
The Asura software has essentially no settings I can see
Cura has a MILLION settings, but I don’t get a good print out of Cura.

How does one adjust settings for a new resin?

I’ve gotten some decent prints using a Peopoly resin, and kind of a good print with the Fun To Do Industrial Blend… but the FTD resin doesn’t stick well to my build plate.

I’m not sure how to adjust that.

Where does one GO in Asura to fiddle with the settings?

And how might I get my print to better stick to the build plate?

Moai SLA settings will be controlled from the actual printer itself. Your Laser power will be one of the major settings you change depending on what resin you are using. This Wiki has everything about the Moai on it to get you started with your printer.

Here is the settings and what they mean:

As for Asura, it will allow you to add supports, hollow, create holes, orient to the buildplate and export Gcode and STL. Here is the Wiki for Asura 2.2.3

You can also use the search feature on the forums to see what others are using for different types of resin as well.

Hope this helps.

This is all well and good, and I did find all of those resources, but they don’t match up to each other.

I expect I’ll have to go through the long process of determining the settings for this resin myself, according to the ring test.

Note that the spreadsheet has values like print speed, initial layer height, initial layer print speed… that are NOT reflected in the settings in the printer itself (A Moai 130). All I can really set in the printer to adjust for a new resin is laser power?

I’ve searched for this resin use in the forums but only get piles of irrelevant posts.

Oh, and I also notice that the new release of Asura lists time and volume estimates… where are those presented? I looked in the gcode even, and the time estimate was nonsense.

I do love this machine, but the software seems a tad shaky so far.

Those values in the spreadsheet reflect into Cura/CuraEngine. If you wanted to you can go into curaengine and edit what you would like to set your “settings” or use them with Cura itself.

This is where your Time and Volume estimates are presented in Asura 2.2.3

Those volume and time details do not appear on my Mac version of Asura 2.2.3

Okay, so now I have the Peopoly Nex Gray resin, it’s official, so it should work, yes?

No. It sticks to my FEP and not my platform.

I’m going to try again kicking the laser power up from 57 to 58, but that’s about the only setting on the machine I see to change.

I’ve been having great results with the clear Peopoly, but nothing else seems to stick to the platform.

Can you take a picture of your settings on your Moai for me please? and also show your slice? I will be able to help more with more visual information.

Not sure what you mean by showing my “slice” but here are the two screens of settings and the layout of the parts.

Note that I can print these just fine in this format and layout with Peopoly Professional UV Resin “Tough Clear” but NOT with Peopoly Professional UV Resin “Nex Gray” or FunToDo Industrial Blend – in those latter cases, it doesn’t stick to the platform.

I would make the following adjustments.

  • Compensate Y - 200
  • Z Moto Speed - 2
  • PM initial speed - 10
  • PM Moto Speed - 12
  • Z Reset - 1817 (check your level again when you do this)

As for your arrangement of your parts I would rotate them from “door” to the “Back” Instead of “left” and “right”.

Let me know how this works out.

Okay, I think I need to re-level my platform. I have the easy-level platform and the FEP tray… how often does that need to be re-calibrated?

Using the cylinder placements shown here:

Position A did not stick - it came un-stuck at 4.81mm

Position D was 10.81mm

Position C was 11.1mm

Postion B was 11.1mm

All of the cylinders were easy to pop off the platform – just light finger pressure.

Note how tall the cylinders are … is why I had the larger Z Reset. I leveled my platform and did all the calibrations when I first built the machine and I haven’t printed all THAT many parts… 6 or 7 runs or so, and an equal number of failures.

You shouldn’t have to re-level too often. Personally, I do maintenance on my Moai every week to make sure it is level and to make sure my Vat is still in good condition. Not saying you have to do that, but it is good practice to check your level when you can.

From your calculations I would say you should level it again with the recommended Z Reset for Fep.

I finally got some time to break down the machine enough to level the platform.

I got four DIYtest cylinders of fairly reasonable sizes, stuck FIRMLY to the platform, so I took that as a good sign.

Then I rotated the 3 ships 90º as recommended and did a print.

No dice, not stuck on the platform.

I suppose I’ll have to monkey around with angling them, adding supports, and all that? All those things that add marks that then later need to be removed…

So far the only resin that has worked halfway decently for me was the first one I tried.

Is there some simple heuristic around getting parts to stick to the build platform?

Increase or decrease some setting until it works?

Can you show the picture of your slice with your ships?

It’s exactly the same picture as the one at the top of this topic, but all three, as a group, are rotated 90º CW

Try putting them at a 45 degree with supports. It should print better that way.

let’s back track a little bit

  1. for the resin exposure, for each type of resin you only need to adjust the laser power
  2. about leveling, you will need to re-level if you change the vat type or haven’t print in a long time
    3.if you are still using Nex Grey, adjust the laser power down to 51, if the resin is overcured , it won’t stick well to the build plate, and will result in losing details on the print

Excellent I’ll try 51 on the Grey.

I tried another test last night on a single ship, in the green zone, with grey, with the current laser setting and it didn’t stick.

I note in the spreadsheet it says 58 for laser power for all of the Peopoly colored resins. Y’all may want to fix that?

can you post the link of that spread sheet ? we are cleaning the old guides and import them all to the wiki
for now, stick to this :

Also, while you are testing, please use the pre-sliced gcodes in the SD card, it would be easier to classify it as user error or Moai error

That is the spreadsheet I was looking at, and I stopped when I got to “Peopoly gray” at the top… however, on a second look, I see that there is another Peopoly section lower down with the Next settings.

I really don’t expect the data to be so out of order… each company’s settings should be all in one spot.